Tips for obtaining funding for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants

You will stand a better chance of obtaining funding if you take note of the following points:

  • Only apply to relevant funding organisations. Most applications fail because the funding organisation does not offer funds for the purpose for which you are requesting them.

  • Read the eligibility criteria carefully to ensure that you meet all the required conditions before you apply for funding. Many applications fail because funding criteria are not met.

  • Make sure that you adhere to all stated deadlines. In most cases, late applications will not be read and are discarded.

  • Ask a respected organisation or person to support your application, if required. This could be a local or national charity, your local authority, a college tutor or a bank manager, for example.

  • Complete all application forms fully, answering all the required questions. Try to ensure that your application is free from mistakes. Ask someone to read your application and offer comments before you submit, if it helps.

  • Don’t become disheartened if your funding application is turned down. Find another funding organisation, check the eligibility criteria and make a new application, if relevant. Ensure that you tailor (or adapt) your application to meet the requirements of specific funding organisations.

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